About Cries & Crawls

When you become a parent, everyone suddenly starts expecting a lot from you. You are judged for your deeds and decisions. And somewhere in the transition from a carefree individual to a responsible parent, you feel like losing your own self.

If you are a millennial parent, your struggles and challenges are different than GenX. Sometimes it seems difficult to follow the advice of elders. 

You look for your village to come, help in raising your baby, only to find yourself alone. This is because of the lifestyle and nuclear family culture. 

Cries & Crawls is all about you & helping you in your journey as a parent. This is not a place to get advice on parenting though. This is a place to share your fears and be free. Nobody judges you here for your dreams, aspirations and to keep it simple, no one judges you for being you.

If you have big goals in life, community is here to support you.
If you want to live life at your own pace, slow and go with the flow,
We understand you.

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