Here Are Some Interesting Gifts To Give On This Kanjak Instead Of Single-Use Plastic Tiffins!

Navratri is a time of joy and happiness for everyone. The nine-day festival celebrates Maa Durga in her nine forms. With the festival almost coming to an end, I’m sure we’re all scrambling to buy gifts for the little girls we will be worshipping on Kanjak. But with the increasing awareness about the environment, its important to make sure that this time, we give these little girls something that is more sustainable than single-use plastic tiffins. Plastic takes centuries to decompose and is a huge burden on Mother Earth. Its time that we make little changes in the way we celebrate any and all festivals, including Kanjak. Here are some gifts ideas that are much better and will help the girls more than those tiffins!

1. Glass Tiffins

We understand that you have to give the little girls prasad in some way so why not give it in glass tiffin boxes (or maybe steel ones) instead of those plastic ones?

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2. A Stationery Pouch

As a child, there was no better gift for me than stationery. Opening and testing a new pen, enjoying a whole new set of crayons as I filled in multiple coloring books and just sharpening those pencils again and again gave me more joy than anything else. So give these little ones joy similar to what you experienced and they’ll thank you for it!

3. Books

One habit that should be inculcated in children from the very beginning is reading. Buy books that are age-appropriate for all the kids and gifts these to them on Kanjak. As they grow, you can keep increasing the reading level. After all, one can never have enough books.

4. Accessories

Bags, delicate pieces of jewelry or even toys make excellent gifts for little girls who’re crazy for all these things. However, it would be advisable that you find out what they love, if possible because not all little girls love jewelry!

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5. Education

If you can afford it, pledge to sponsor the education of at least one underprivileged girl child. The difference you’ll make to their life will be more than you can ever imagine. We need more educated girls to take this country forward.

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