How To Support A Friend Who Just Had A Baby

There is no denying the fact that parents can raise their baby independently. There is not much to do. It’s just a few tasks like feeding, cleaning poop, massaging, bathing, dressing them, singing a lullaby, rocking them to sleep, taking them for a stroller ride and repeat without a break in between. And trust me they can do it all. The only thing is, they are humans too. And this is exhausting and stressful at times.

So if they have someone they can trust with their baby, it makes their lives easier. Parents know how comforting it is to have a strong support system. Family and friends are their angels in disguise.

If you are that friend whose BFF just had a baby and you don’t know how to help her or him, this article is for you.

My friend is a new mommy… How I try to help her?

Here are a few ways that I personally follow to help my friends with baby or kids:

    1. Asking parents to take their baby for a stroller ride or a walk

      You can offer to take your friends’ baby for a stroller ride or a walk. This gives the parent some time off their regular schedule. Trust me, having 20 minutes to just have a nice cup of tea or pee peacefully is what a parent crave for.  
      Tip: You ofcourse will have to build that trust with your friend that you are capable of handling their baby with care before making such an offer.

    2. Listen to their concerns and parenting experiences patiently

      Listen. This helps. Let them vent out their frustration, anger and what not. This does not make them a bad parent. So don’t judge them. All they need is a listening ear.

    3. Do you need help?

      Ask if they need help. There are many reasons because of which they didn’t ask for help. But this is the time when they need help and support, both mentally and physically from their family and friends.

    4. Plan outings with them

      Just because they are parents now doesn’t mean you stop inviting them for outings. Share the load. You are also going to be parent some day. Will you be happy seeing your friends changed or abandoning you?

How this helps our friendship?

There is one more fact in this world. A parent loves no one more than their babies. And if they see someone loving them just like they do, they automatically develop more affection towards the person. Helping them with their responsibilities and loving their kids help in strengthening our friendship further.

Final Words:

I believe the “gift of support” is much bigger than gifting a bodysuit for their baby or a maternity dress. What are your thoughts..

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